About Me

Hi, there!
My name is Sam.

I’m a graphic designer who makes book covers. I used to design websites, but I’m not doing that anymore, because it bummed me the fuck out. So if you’re here looking for a website, I’m super sorry. For you. Not me. Because I don’t have to make websites anymore, and that’s just rad.

(Web development is hard, okay?)

I’m a 32-year-old dork who lives in South Carolina with my husband and this spoiled little shit-head pictured to the right. Anything you pay me will probably be spent on him. I wanted to just set him up a bank account and remove myself as the middleman, but apparently that’s not “actually legal”.

I write as a hobby sometimes, but prefer being on the aesthetic side of publishing. I began dabbling in graphic design some 16 years ago with nothing but an ancient Compaq and that one infamous, pirated copy of Photoshop 7. Several horrible Buffy wallpapers later, I had my eyes set on a career in this shit. After many years of doing branding and logo design, web design and web development, I’m now making hopefully less-horrible designs in the form of book covers. I love books, I love making things pretty, and I love earning a living wage. This was by all appearances inevitable.

Most of my genres are romance, especially M/M, but I’m super enthusiastic about branching out to other genres. Variety is the spice of my Adobe Creative Suite!

I’m not the fastest designer in the world and I’m still trying to suss out an official position on pre-made covers, but what I lack in expedience I strive to make up for in quality and cost. Most of my friends are authors in this same industry, so I’m always eager to learn from their experiences and use that knowledge to offer attainable and marketable designs.

You can contact me via email at info@angstyg.com.

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