Cover Creation Videos

Sometimes I like recording the creation of a cover, because then in my head I can narrate it all in a sultry David Attenborough voice, which just makes anything more interesting. That said, these have zero audio, they’re just sped up timelapses of my sweet funky. What I don’t show are the gazillion hours of sample comp builds, since I’d have to license every stock photo I tried, and that can sometimes climb into the forties. So what you’re seeing below is the very last stage of my process. All photos have been chosen, all feedback has been gotten, all tweaks have already been made. This stage is just building with high-res images and general polishing. It’s pretty much the easiest part of building a cover. But I hope you find some of the techniques enlightening or fun to watch!

All authors have consented to having these videos recorded and shown.

Seizure warning: These are squishing hours of footage into minutes of timelapse, so sometimes the change between windows can have a strobe effect.

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