Pre-Made Covers

Below are covers that don’t have a home yet. They’re either crafted from prior design rejections, or just created on whatever whim consumes me at 3am. Either way, these are things I’ve made specifically to appeal to the market. They’re designed with the purpose of selling, not so much to capture the essence of your specific story, although if the two happen to overlap then rock the fuck on! I’m selling them mostly as-is, but there may be some elements of these covers I’m willing to customize to better fit a specific story. If that’s the case, those elements will be listed. However, since I’m anticipating a lot of interactive photo-manipulations being used here, please don’t ask for a model change. The models chosen were likely picked because they were the only photos that meshed, so the likelihood of a model change being possible is incredibly small. Prices will vary based on the resources used, the time invested, and their overall marketability.

Please email me if you’re interested in purchasing one.

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