Kitbashed Characters

Below are pre-made kitbashes I have created from various stock photos. Though the stock photos used are accessible to anyone, these head and body combos are exclusive to me. I look for photos of models that haven’t saturated the market for one reason or another–the bodies or backgrounds were unsuitable, there were flaws, etc–then I put them onto more suitable bodies and/or fixed the flaws. Some of the faces/heads have been ‘rebuilt’, meaning the person doesn’t even actually exist. Those are special because they are entirely unique. No one will ever have that face on their cover. I try to cover features that are difficult to find in stock photos, such as BLONDS (come on, you all know my pain), masculine men without facial hair, gingers, PoC, hairy bears, etc.

This is a page for my current clients only. Though I sometimes sell kitbashes as-is, mostly I make these for my current clients to choose from.

There are accessories which are not shown here that can be added to literally any kitbash upon request. One is an undone tie, hanging from the character’s neck. Another is a pair of dogtags hanging from a chain around the character’s neck. Lastly, piercings, in any area. Tattoos of any kind and in any location are also available, though usually for an additional fee.

These kitbashes are a one-time use. This means once it goes on a cover, I will never use it again.

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